Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology

Financial Astrology - The Time Theory to predict Equity and Commodity market trends.  It's a specialized combination of using art and science to predict the trends in the financial market. Based on the readings deduced from the Astro charts and backed by extensive research, we can accurately predict the market changes on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Market Analysis

Monthly Newsletter

It is very important to know the market movement and get a bird's eye- view of the market. Here's where our consultation can be beneficial for positional and day traders.

Yearly Reports

Annually reports are created after analyzing the celestial positions are revealed to you, which will give an overview of the financial year. This will constitute of equity trends, sectorial analysis, key commodities trends with specific time periods with economic events.


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Wealth Creation

Financial Astro Investing – A distinctive science to fabricate your finances Your money can be a fantastic way of building a better financial position for you and your family.Various classical works in Vedic astrology expla

Daily Day strength

Every day is unique in itself and have the different strength of luck and fortune. An individual with the same set of knowledge, art, skills, efforts, hard work achieves huge success and on other sides some meets failure. The x factor which brings the Variance i

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