Logo Design and Brand Name

Logo Design and Brand Name

Vedic astrology has tools that can take us from the macroscopic to the microscopic level of understanding. Using Vedic astrology, we derive your logo design and brand name. 

  • We, at ShubhAstro are Vedic Astrologer. We are less limited to talking about the general overall aspects of your brand and can get more deeply into what's going to happen during the tenure of your brand.
  • Small business owners can "brand" their businesses with a logo and a set of consistent marketing materials, that Shubha carefully calculates and curates using Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Colour Therapy and sacred geometry.
  • Logo and brand name designs are a means of communication for putting across the message a company or brand wants to project. It is important to look at how your brand name and logo will affect your business and attract positive energy.
  • We create logo designs after carefully looking at the astrological side of it which includes the various facets like kind of Business, Owners favourableness by their charts etc. and blend this science with contemporary creative designs which creates the perfect logo.

Brand Name :

To design the brand name of company we combine the use of Vedic Astrology and Numerology. The unique combination of both these mysterious sciences gives incredible resultsand brings forth great positivity.

Logo Design :

Yantras are best examplesof the use of shapes to attract the positive energy from the universe and discard the negative energy. The simple colors and basic shapes are sacred geometry which portrays important information, emotions, energy attractions and positivity.

Benefits of this product include :

  • To look "bigger" and "established
  • To attract more clients
  • To differentiate you from your competition
  • Higher brand recall