Mr. Devansh Jhaveri - Director, Gujrat Ferros Alloys- Metal Cast,India.

Her predictions are very accurate. I always take her guidance before taking any critical decision for personal life or professional matter.

Ms. Reema Dalvi - HOD - IT,SAMSONITE, India.

I met Shubha when I was having very critical issue which I was facing from many months and not able to solve by any which ways, ( as a human being, in very bad time in life, you try to seek such help which you can't discuss openly with anybody, not even with close once ) Shubha helped by giving correct way to handle the situation, that saved me for getting into further complication. 2. Even after having proper education ( BE and MBA ) and even doing lot of hard work, there was no good results on career front, Shubha gave correct career guidance which work well and resulted into good job with more satisfaction and learning and value to hard word. 3. Shubha help in understanding what education to take for our son, since we were quite confused about him. 4. She guided us for investment on property on right time and checked the Vastu as well. 5. Her guidance also helped in understanding health issues and how to take care about it. As per my experience all her guidance, suggestions and advices have always helped us a lot and important is that it had always come out as very much correct and perfect and also always in time. She is also helps to overcome drawbacks in kundali and issues or bad grah-dasha with some remedy or way to handle bad situations in life, which we get sometimes. I have suggested her name to many of my friends and colleagues and after checking found all are very satisfied and happy with her guidance, advice, help and service too.

Mr. Saurabh Raaj Jain - TV Star (Mahabhart, Star Plus)., India.

Would say: Additional single letter "A" in my middle name RAAJ has given me a lot of positive energy, both in my career and personal front, many thanx to Shubha javaria :)

CA Sweta Vaishnav - London.

It has been almost now 10 years of relationship and you are now an inseprable part of our life. Your guidance has played a very important role in taking all the critical decesions of my life. It may be related to my compatbity reading, selection of property, naming the baby, selction of opportunies in professional life and resolving the family matters.Your friendly behaviour and deep understanding of matter has always given a lot of comfort and support. For the remedy part may be pooja or Gems Therapy I trust you and only you. Best Wishes.

Ms. Priyanka Nale - Singapore.

Myself & my family had not been very keen on the science of astrology, and neither on their consultations. However, a relative referred Shubha's contact to me, and I thought of giving a try. Since our first consultation itself, my experience with Shubha's advise has been excellent. She could read my charts very correctly, giving me every detail of my life so far in the most accurate way. I was astonished to see her knowledge and the skill with which she could predict my life events so perfectly. After that ever since, I always seek her advise for matters related to any important event in my life, be it a career move, health problems, vaastu, financial investment, property & family consultations,etc. Adding on to he above, Shubha is well-educated astrologer, with a post-graduate degree in finance. She also has a degree in "Jyotish Shashtra", which makes her advice even more reliable and trustworthy. Thank you Shubha, for your impeccable advise, so far, and will continue to seek the same in future. Wish you luck in your profession and personal life too!".

MR. Brajesh Singh - HOD – Marketing and Sales,American Tower company, India.

I thank you for all your valuable guidances. your readings and predictions have helped us a lot. Most of all, it has been a great association. we have written a small testimonial (given below), I wish this meets the requirement. I had an opportunity to meet Shubha on a hectic working day when a friend of mine took to meet her. Exhausted to the core, I was reluctant to go and see some astrologer, as I have never had any belief in this form of science. An intense but enlightening session with her actually awakened me and made me a believer first. Ever since, her readings have been just perfect… they have been great guide for not only me but to most of my family members and close friends. The insights she provided to me & my close friends on important transitions on life have been timely and their accuracy has helped us prepare accordingly. Shubha has an outstanding quality of interpretation that are rarely found in most of her contemporaries. A sound knowledgeable but grounded and most accessible person we have come across. We rely on her readings and predications and make sure that her advises are obtained before we embark on any important path of life. There are no appropriate words to express our gratitude and respect for you Dear Shubha. We are privileged to have known you and been beneficiaries of your guidance.

Sushama Reddy - Bollywood Film Star, Director, Producer, India.

I must say it is my great pleasure to have met and interacted with you ,and availed of your good offices and services over the years.Your integrity and knowledge is superlative,and you have people's best interests at heart.I must also add that when it comes to remedies and the right way of doing them for most optimal results,i trust you and only you to get it done in the correct manner!I wish you the very best with this new website!Warmest Regards.

Shashank Jain - Bourgeon Foods LLP

We have been associated with Shubha Javaria for over 5 years. Being an Indore based company, we have witnessed from close quarters, the turnaround success story of one of our business associates, Kimirica Hunter International LLP. We received such a great reference from them regarding Shubha's exceptional services and how they are benefitting from her Time Theory, that we decided to approach her for her services in Business Astrology.

She has been a strong force in our journey and continues to successfully guide us at every step of our business venture. She has been instrumental in assisting us to select the favorable industry segment that we should pursue, guiding us in the product planning stages, clearly identified the best area that we need to launch in, national, international reach, indicating auspicious dates for important company events, guiding us regarding the company formation and partnership structure, joint ventures, etc.

Her services are extremely helpful and her guidance acts as a navigation tool in helping us to grow our business. It's our good fortune that we have her as our Mentor. We firmly believe that everyone has a unique path and this powerful science of Vedic Astrology, through its accurate prediction capability can guide us on our unique path and who better than Shubha to practice this amazing science.

We are extremely happy to recommend Shubha's unique services and look forward to a long term business association with her.

Ramesh Gopal - Chief Risk Officer (UAE) & Regional Head (Credit Risk) – MENA & Turkey Deutsche Bank AG

I am an Investment Banker with Deutsche Bank and based out of Dubai, UAE. My wife and I had the good fortune of meeting Shubha Javaria almost 5 years ago. Since then we have been consulting with Shubha for personal astrology services and we are extremely pleased with her professional consultations. The accuracy of her forecasts and her guidance is extremely commendable. 

Over time, I was introduced to her unique services based on the Time Theory. Backed by solid research and her in-depth knowledge in Astrology, she constantly upgraded and innovated and made notably successful forays into the astro economic and capital markets. 

I am astounded by the level of accuracy that her predictions consistently achieve and it has been an amazing experience to see the ancient and powerful scientific knowledge of Vedic Astrology being applied so accurately and innovatively across different segments. Her accurate predictions regarding major geopolitical events, financial markets especially daily market trends, never cease to amaze me. 

I have been referring to her astro reports and have first-hand experienced the level of accuracy in her predictions - some of the major ones that come to mind are; the fall of the stock market on 09 November 2016 due to demonetization, the four figure levels that the market rose to in the Month of March 2018 with exact date range predicted much in advance by her, her accurate prediction on the global front that there was not going to be a war between South Korea and the US (when the entire market sentiment was chaotic and panic stricken due to the imminent threat), and many more. 

I definitely appreciate her unique services and applaud her for her great passion and perseverance to put in the efforts and hard work to create her unique Time Theory and utilize this powerful science to its true potential and to take it to such a great level not only in India but, worldwide. 

I have recommended her services to many of my contacts and would not hesitate to further recommend in future. 

I wish her success with her future endeavors and sincerely hope that she re-invents the meaning of astro predictions with her innovative yet theory backed concepts.

Prince Sachdeva - Gau Milk

It has been over 10 years since we first met Shubha and embarked on this journey of achieving business excellence through her guidance.
We have been consulting with Shubha for both the important aspects of our life; our business and our personal life. Based on her guidance, we pursued the idea of establishing a Dairy Farm, which we branded as Gau Milk, in the city of Nagpur.
We can definitely say that her guidance through both business as well as personal astrology has proven extremely valuable to us because every success story is a combination of a great and clear vision and concerted efforts to achieve it. It is her continuous guidance and her consistently accurate predictive analysis which has made our vision so strong and when blended with our efforts, has created a success story for us, something that we are so very proud of.
Right from ideation stage, to guidance about the business model we should follow, strategic business decision regarding expansion and funding, Shubha has been guiding us through it all.
As every project has its own set of challenges and ups and downs, we also experienced a mix of emotions through our journey. There were moments of joy, challenges and obstacles that we had to face, but her timely guidance, set of solutions and remedial measures proved to be of immense help and worked like a constant reinforcement to help us strengthen our determination and make our vision a reality.
We have great regard for her and have full trust in her sound knowledge of the science of Vedic astrology and her extremely diverse skill set. She has and will continue to be an important part of our project and one of our most valuable resource in the growth and development of our company.

Kruti - NBC Bollywood, Dubai

I had the opportunity to meet Shubha 3 years ago. A close friend of mine spoke very positively about Shubha and made a strong recommendation about her professional services. This helped me reach out to Shubha and that's how we got connected.
I was already a believer in the science of Vedic Astrology and had visited many other astrology practitioners prior to meeting Shubha. My meeting with Shubha was an absolutely different experience altogether. She is very clear and accurate in her predictions and operates with a high sense of integrity and professionalism. Her underlying objective is to always give the right guidance rather than to find avenues to exploit this powerful science. She uses this predictive science in the most practical way that will give maximum benefit to the person rather than in unnecessarily engaging clients in superstitious beliefs and practices. Given her strong educational and professional qualifications and her vast experience of dealing with the corporate world, she is extremely effective in providing the right guidance and can translate the benefits of this science to practical goals and objectives which can help us chart out clear plans and strategies accordingly. Based on my experience with her, I would say Shubha is on a very different and higher level than the rest. Her approach is highly strategy oriented rather than the usual remedial approach that is common among other practitioners in the field, and that is one of the best things I like about her. I would strongly recommend Shubha for her in-depth knowledge of the subject and her high level of result-oriented services and approach

Sanjay Karwa - Director, SRYK

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being associated with Shubha Javaria since 2012.
Shubha was introduced as a leading vedic astrologer and she has proven beyond doubt that she is one of the best in this field today.
Shubha has been offering personal astrology consultations for my entire family. Through her systematic approach and accurate predictive readings she has provided constant guidance and has been accurate with her foresights consistently which has and continues to benefit us immensely.
Given Shubha’s well rounded experience in areas of Financial Markets and Business Management, I was recently introduced to her unique concept of providing Financial astrology through Time Theory.
I have been referring to her monthly and weekly financial astro reports for Financial Market predictions for the past one year and must admit that her reports are extremely accurate. I was amazed to witness the unique application of this ancient science of astrology to today’s progressive business scenario and that it could result in such consistent and accurate readings is unbelievable.
I have been an avid investor for the last 10 years and follow the trends of the market closely;
however, after witnessing such accurate predictions and foresight on the Equity markets and that too so much in advance has led me to put my trust in Shubha’s Financial Market Astrology.
I am thoroughly convinced of Shubha’s abilities in the field of astrology. Her excellent grip on the subject matter and extraordinary predictive techniques are highly result oriented and beneficial across all segments, be it personal, financial or business. Our continued association is a proof of our satisfaction with her services and we wish her all the best in her

Dr Ankit Khasgiwala - Seraphic Cosmesis & Dentistry

I am Dr Ankit Khasgiwala, based in Indore. I have had the opportunity to be associated with Shubha Javaria for many years and have been taking regular guidance from her.
I am extremely satisfied with her personal astrology services and have found her guidance and predictive analysis very helpful. Recently, we approached her for her guidance on the business front as well. Through her time theory, she has guided us on our business model and the strategies we should follow to establish our business. Our efforts have materialized and we have successfully launched our clinic, which was designed based on her guidance of Vastu. We look forward to a continued association with her and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Vinod Jain - SRG Housing Finance LTD

SRG Housing Finance Limited has been associated with Shubha Javaria from 2018. She provides us with consulting services related to Business and Financial Astrology.
Through her in-depth knowledge of the subject, Shubha has been successfully guiding and providing us comprehensive advice on key issues of the business. Right from strategic planning to hiring of personnel, macro economic related services, favourable time for expansion, funding related guidance, etc Shubha has been instrumental in leading us in the right direction.
We are extremely happy with her services and having seen the tremendous benefit we have received through her accurate and insightful guidance, we have signed an annual retainer contract with her for her continued services and valuable guidance.
We look forward to a long term and successful association with her. Her guidance is much appreciated and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.