Business Astrology

Business Astrology

Business Astrology is a specialized stream of Astrology wherein Astro chart readings are used in conjunction with principles of Business Management to provide a blueprint for the growth and success of a business.

The scientific use of Vedic astrology is used to predict trends, challenges and issues relating to your Business and in-depth analysis is charted out on how to address these issues and move forward towards success. Right from the initial steps of identifying and establishing your business to achieving growth, profitability, and success, we can help you to help yourself!

If you want to enjoy success, before you engineer situations,  engineer your plan and directions with Business Astrology.


  • To go from ambition to vision.
  • To access ancient wisdom for modern business challenges.
  • Starting and managing a business requires constant decision making and taking calculated risks. 
  • Through the indications received after an in-depth study of the Vedic astrology charts, entrepreneurs and professionals can follow a much more scientific and accurate approach in decision making and risk taking which can lead to success and mitigate the loss in their business.

Making informed decisions to help your business grow:

  • Astrology is an applied science which is accurate and can be used effectively in different realms of life. With over 16 plus years of experience and backed by an intensive scientific and research approach, Shubha has successfully consulted small, medium and large businesses and has played an extremely important role in creating success stories for these organizations.
  • Right from the inception stage of business when the business venture is still an idea, the entrepreneur receives guidance based on the readings of the Astro charts. It can be as specific as, which type of industry/product/service will be best suited for that venture, the best launch date, entity name, logo and marketing communications, best fundraising options, the best time for legal issues, like contract signing, etc.
  • Business Astrology can also help existing businesses who have established themselves and would like to expand further or face a situation where the business in running but there is no further growth. We can make them aware of the obstacles they may encounter and guide them on what course of action should be taken and the right time to do it, which markets should be targeted for expansion, suitable joint ventures, diversification, etc.
  • Astrology is an applied science that has no limitations. It requires an experienced Astrologer who is proficient at drawing up the astro charts, accurate interpretation of the readings and practical application of these to the principles of establishing and managing a business to be able to successfully apply this science to business. Shubha has the experience, the understanding and practical experience of business management and a scientific research-based approach, a winning combination that will always give you the best results.



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