Entrepreneurship Plan

Entrepreneurship Plan


We offer comprehensive specialized business astrology consultation to entrepreneurs based on requirements.  The following are the key areas of specialization of the Entrepreneurship Model in  Business Astrology:

Business Ideation

  • Individual’s Skill Analysis
  • Proposed Business Idea Suitability Based on Astro Charts.
  • Probable Success Areas That Can Be Pursued


Company Formation

  • Business Structure e. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership etc.
  • Ideal Shareholding Pattern and Ratios
  • Location of Company, Branch Offices, Manufacturing Unit, etc.
  • Site Selection Based On Vastu for Office/Units/etc.
  • Favorable Date and Time For Legal Formalities, Office Opening, etc.
  • Funding Option Analysis


Business Strategy

  • Provide Birth Chart of Company
  • Study Top Management Astro Charts
  • Annual Review of Future Critical Developments
  • Provide Favourable Trend and Market Analysis
  • Information Regarding Future Events Impacting The Business
  • Modifications in Existing Business
  • Restructuring of Finance
  • Restructuring of Holding Patterns As Per Planetary Positions
  • Guidance regarding Investments


Business Management

  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Work Process Analysis
  • Key Vendor, Supplier Selection
  • Time Frame Analysis - High and Low time Frames, Daily Day Strength of Proprietors and Owners, Yearly Analysis
  • Auspicious Times and Muhurats for cultural and religious practices, important deal signing, etc.
  • Guidance on Key Business Matters As Per Requirement


HR and Personnel Management

  • Astro Charts of Shortlisted Candidates To Help In Selection of Right Personnel For the Job
  • Improve Group Dynamics
  • Placement of Key Human Resource Based On Strengths and Personality for Optimum Growth


Branding Strategies

  • Favorable Name, Logo, Colours based on Vedic Astrology and Numerology.
  • Favorable Marketing Mediums To Be Used
  • Key Geographical Locations For Business Promotion
  • Appropriate Time and Date For Launching Website/App Or Other Major Activities


Company Expansion And Product Diversification

  • Guidance Regarding Favourable Time For Expansion
  • Geographical Locations Best Suited For Expansion
  • Right Time For Mergers/Acquisitions
  • Choosing Right Partners For JV, Merger, and Acquisitions
  • Favorable Time For Product Diversification
  • Ideal Product Range For Diversification


Astro Economic Services

  • Guidance on Favourable Investment Options
  • Critical Data for Product/Raw Material Procurement
  • Sectoral Investment Reports and Trends
  • Personal Finance and Investment Guidance including Stock Market Trends
  • Key Economic Trends 


Remedial Solutions

  • Guidance On How To Minimize Negative Energies And Unfavourable Conditions
  • Colour Therapy, Shape Therapy, Yantras, and Poojas, etc.


Who Will Benefit From Our Services

  • Individuals/Freelancers (Looking to choose between a professional career or business)
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Partnership Firms
  • SME’s
  • Corporates
  • Business Houses
  • Multinational Entities


How Will You Benefit From Our Services

We successfully combine the scientific principles of Vedic astrology with the techniques of business management to give you a winning formula that will help you achieve success and growth in your business. 

Timing is a crucial factor and plays an important role in our lives. Through business astrology we help you take advantage of favorable timings, guide you through the year regarding key business decisions to be made and forewarn you regarding challenges and unfavorable cycles so that the business strategy can be realigned accordingly. 


Our Consultation Packages

Choose from any one of the packages mentioned below:

    • Annual Retainer Package
    • Customized Package For Specific Requirements
    • Per Session Consultation