Wealth Creation

Financial Astro Investing – A distinctive science to fabricate your finances

Your money can be a fantastic way of building a better financial position for you and your family.Various classical works in Vedic astrology explain countless combinations of prosperity or wealth, astrologically called 'Dhana Yogas'. At ShubhAstro, we have deep roots in Vedic knowledge and can accurately predict the happenings of life. We apply the rules and methods of Vedic astrology, which have been used from time immemorial, to give you the maximum wealth benefits.

A unique consultation:  Wealth creation through financial astrology is a unique consultation designed after an in-depth research by Shubha. Investments done at the correct time and in correct places can create a fortune.

Everyindividualis uniquely destined for Investments:  They each have unique time cycles, destinies and favorable investment options. With the help of financial wealth management astrology, we categorize the generic investments options as per individuals and rate them preference wise as per their birth chart.

Accurate time cycles for investments:  As per individual'sbirth charts, we advise them the best and cautious time periods. We predict probable favorableness and complexities that can come in various investment options. The USP of this report is that it takes into account the individual's life events as well.

Key Investments PrinciplesTaken Care of:  We keep all the key investment principles like diversification, Return on Investments, Investment tenure, Risk assessment, economic trendsetc intact, while drafting the report. This gives it practicality. Financial astrology gives investments an extra- edge, by providing individual favorableness.

The following are the Investment options we take into consideration when guiding individuals:

  • 1. Provident fund.
  • 2. Mutual funds.
  • 3. Equity linked savings scheme (ELSS).
  • 4. Investing in stocks.
  • 5. Fixed deposit.
  • 6. Initial Public Offer.
  • 7. Bonds
  • 8. Public.
  • 9. Unit linked Insurance Plan.
  • 10. Real Estate.
  • 11. Post office saving.
  • 12. Commodities-Gold, Silver, Crude, currencies.
  • 13. Commodities- Wheat, Rice, Soybean, Coffee.
  • 14. Business Investments/ Startup Funding Investments.

Along with that, the favorable and unfavorable time cycles will be mentioned and a 1 year Astro economic analysis of economic trend report will be attached.