Standard Consultation

Standard Consultation

Astrology is an incredible tool, to aid individual progress and to funnel periods of significant life actions. At ShubhAstro, our goal is to help you get an enhanced insight into yourself and your current life situation, so you can make more informed decisions and live more consciously.

In the standard consultation/ personal chart reading we provide detailed insight, reveal the future and guide you to plan your life in accordance with the stars and their movements which in turn affect your life's balance. With just a small set of information which includes date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, Shubha can predict the future terrestrial events. Her approach to astrology is based on personal transformation, an optimistic assessment that more than anything, people want to understand the fundamental meaning of their lives and grow as individuals.

Our standard consultations offer accurate 'heads-ups' about forthcoming periods of good luck, easy opportunity or potentially difficult challenge. This includes specific information about which areas of life—such as finances, relationships, career or home life—will likely be affected, and what type of effects to expect. We throw the light on all the fundamental aspects of life or any specific event coming up in near future and how the coming year could be for you. After this session you can easily make out the dos and don'tsfor near future.

Subscription -

Subscribe annually for 12 sessions, opt for any of the sessions from personal consultancy and get 30% discount.

Subscribe – annually for 6 sessions and have 20%. You can opt for any of the services from personal consultations.