Progeny Report

Progeny Report

A Child is God's creation and his blessings. With the help of this cosmic sign language, our efforts are to guide you to have this blessing with a bright future.Children or progeny are considered one of the most important parts of human lives from the beginning of time. Is it possible to predict about our children in astrology or future progeny looking at our birth chart? Yes, says our ancient Vedic Astrological scriptures.

Conceiving Reports -

  • Vedic astrology describes a number of methods for predicting childbirth from a duly cast horoscope.
  • We take into account the future planetary positions and figure out the best upcoming planetary positions which can bless your child with a bright destiny.
  • We take into consideration the Kundli of couples also to ensure the time period of probable conceiving time as per their charts.
  • In this report we suggest the 3 best upcoming periods in the concurrent 3 years.

Know in advance the best timings to conceive.

Key periods and key dates for medical treatments -

  • More often than not, there are the couples who face setback in being blessed with a child. Astrological texts describe some combinations and conditions in the horoscope which may be the cause of childlessness or which may cause delays in childbirth.
  • We at ShubhAstro read the kundli of couples and conduct a detailed research regarding the medical support requirement and the level person should go for. This is mainly because it differs with the intensity of the yog of delay and kind of hurdled yog.
  • We also suggest remedial measures to remove the afflictions concerning these matters.
  • Additionally, we also suggest the most favorable timings for conceiving. In the reports we look at the next 2 years and suggest 3 favorable set of timings.
  • The report will alert the months where one will face extremely challenging transits. This ensures that one is armed with the knowledge and can be prepared

Take a chance at highest strength of luck

C-Section delivery timings -

  • This is one of the key forte of ShubhAstro.
  • There are the cases where the doctor suggests a C-sec delivery beforehand only or it could be a case of emergency. In both the situations, we assist you.
  • If you have advance notification by the doctor and he allots the specific time period, we help you with the three most preferred dates and precise timings to have the baby.
  • In the case of an emergency we give the best timing available as per the doctors and spontaneously give the auspicious timing for having the baby.

Gift a golden fortune to your child with the help of this report -

Child Name

Your name is your fortune. It is the lifelong identity of any child. The science behind havingyour child's name's first letter as per astrology is the vibrations of the letter which attractspositive energy from the universe.

We at ShubhAstro try to give our best from so that the child can derive maximum positive energy from universe.

    • Derive Initials of child - In order to give your child a unique destiny, we derive his/her initial, using Vedic astrology which is based on the Nakshatras.
    • Name Design - We give the best name based on Numerology Maximum we work on 5 set of names.